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We have been the best plumbers in Raleigh since October 2022, and take pride in providing our customers with quick plumbing services even on the weekends and outside business hours. When a leaked pipe or broken heater can arrive at any time and any day, so do the Raleigh Water Heater Guys! Plus, we understand that getting plumbing issues fixed during business hours can be near to impossible for individuals who work in the day; such customers need us at odd hours, so at odd hours we serve to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by discomfort.

We also install water heaters and provide maintenance and repair services when required. We also help you with drained clogs and leaks that cause major inconvenience while washing the dishes and using the bathroom.

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Here’s what people are saying about us

Stephen Kay

When my water heater stopped working, Michael was able to diagnose the issue right away and replaced it quickly over the weekend! Very satisfied with the work done.

Danny C

Michael was extremely polite and diligent when fixing my water heater when it busted. This is a great company that really knows what they’re doing at a great price. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family

Katheryn K

Carbone Plumbing installed a new garbage disposal. Michael arrived on time, expertly installed the new disposal, and then followed up later to make sure that I was completely satisfied. Great customer service!


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